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                                                 My Favorite Shirt



I have been on the search for a double bubble since January 29, 2012.  That was the day I was first introduced to the Fiat Abarth Zagato via Bring a Trailer.  The add was titled:  Very Green 1959 FIAT Abarth 750 Zagato.  Prior to that day I had never heard of the car and obviously I had never seen one.  


I am unsure what sparked such interest in this car which was previously unknown to me.  I have always been a Ferrari-nut so I suspect that the Italian heritage and race bred history of the double bubble may just have been what did it.  Since that time, I have been on a search, mostly in southern California, for a car of my own.  


Like many others out there, I spent many hours researching and looking for the “perfect” car.  Some people are looking for a 100pt concours car while others are looking for a project.  I was searching for an example that was an older restoration with solid mechanics…one that I could enjoy driving and not freak out over a stone chip or two.  In the fall of 2017, one that fit my eye came up for sale, but I just missed the opportunity to pick it up.


Soon after that missed opportunity, I started to peruse the internet and came across a vintage Fiat Abarth T-shirt on Etsy.  (A little aside….most of my wardrobe consists of vintage car T-shirts, especially Ferrari.  I also have coordinating Puma Ferrari footwear, which of course should clearly convince anyone that my T-shirt addiction makes perfect sense.  My wife, on the other hand, insists that I have exhausted the need for another shirt so you could imagine her dismay when I asked to use her Etsy account to buy yet another shirt.)


As I looked online, the shirt was AMAZING!  Only one was available and miraculously it was my size.  She kindly ordered it for me and after 3-4 days of transport, from some place unknown, it arrived.  It arrived as described:  used, slightly worn, faded, vintage…just as i had hoped for.


Now a new problem…what if I got a stain on this shirt?  So, I spent months searching for another one….and wouldn't you know….about 2 months later I found a black one on Ebay.  It was in South America (Argentina if I remember correctly).  So….once again I am forced to ask my wife to buy this shirt for me since I have no experience buying on Ebay.  She politely obliged and purchased the shirt.  Unfortunately, it did not arrive and after an email inquiry on a shipping date the payment was returned by the seller without explanation.  


As you can imagine I was devastated, well at least as devastated any 40 year old adult should be over a T-shirt.  (40 year old devastated = slightly disappointed)  At time of writing this 10 months have passed since I found my favorite shirt and I have yet to find another one.  


On the other hand, I did find the “perfect” car for me…chassis# 504396.  It is now with my favorite shirt.  I continue to look for a second shirt about once a month and though my search has revealed many other interesting Abarth items….no second shirt.  Maybe, just maybe, one day I will find another.



Mike S.

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