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Chassis # 504396

Images from Bring a Trailer,, or provided by current owner.  Photographers: Brett Lupfer (some images) and unknown (for others).

Abridged history for chassis #504396


Chassis #504396 likely started life in the MECAT factory in 1958 and carries the body number 33 (per John de Boer spreadsheet).  The original engine number is 550246.


It was sold new in 1959 to an unknown gentleman in Colorado, USA and reported to have been raced from 1959-1961. 


The car was sold in 1961 to D.P. in Oklahoma, OK, USA who again raced the car until 1963.  Unfortunately no documented race entry has been found to date.


In 1963 the car was sold to J.F. in Warsaw, NY, USA who used it as a daily driver for many years (until 1973 when he parked it in a field).  J.F. sold the car in 1974 to R.F. in Toronto, Canada.


R.F. revitalized the car and it began racing again in local events.  (Of note the car was painted red at this time and it is suspected that this was the first paint on the car.  R.F. believes the car was delivered unpainted and lived from 1958-1974 in its aluminum skin only.)


It was sold again in 1979 to M.D. in Toronto, Canada and underwent restoration (1986-1987?) and then sat in storage for 24 years.


The car was then sold to T.M. in London, England in 2011.  T.M. reinstalled many of the original parts, trim pieces, bumperettes, etc. The car moved to California, USA in 2014 when T.M. returned to the United States.  The car participated in (and finished) many rally events during his ownership.  (Goodwood track days, Three Castles Rally 2012 & 2014, Targa California 2014.  T.M. sold the car in 2018 to M.S. in California, USA.


M.S. is the current owner and caretaker.

The above information was gathered from email and verbal history from the owners dating back to R.F.

Additional details are available but pertain to the restoration process, techniques, and interesting side stories.

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