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We would like to give a special thanks to the many who have helped us throughout the process of creating and editing the information on this site.  It is impossible to accurately and completely describe each contribution.  Many have provided input, assistance, opinion, articles, information, images, and suggestions.  We have likely missed a few of you and if so we apologize whole heartedly.  We would like to extend specific gratitude to:

John de Boer for his input, opinion, reviews, and providing and allowing us to post his detailed historical work.

Shin Yoshikawa for allowing us to use his amazing artwork on the site

Chris Obert, Guy Moerenhout, Anthony Berni, and Tony Castle for their help and expertise

Aaron from myfiat600d for allowing us to use/link to his works and collections

Darrin Woo for assisting with networking and various communications

Many countless others who have provided links, videos, images, input, etc.

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