The information below has been carefully prepared and kindly shared by John de Boer.  We would like to thank him for allowing us to share this information and for dedicating countless years in the research of these cars in attempt to recreate historical ledgers.  

We have included several PDF files below for research/reference purposes only.  They will be updated if or when major changes have been made.  If viewing this page on a mobile device click on the document and it will open up in a separate PDF window for easy viewing.  In order to see the images larger please use the + symbol on the viewer as it will allow the image to zoom in.

Quick Links:

PDF #1: Fiat-Abarth "double bubble" study

PDF #2:  MECAT centric study

PDF #3:  Sestriere centric study

Fiat-Abarth "double bubble" study (January 2018)


MECAT centric study (November 2019)


Sestriere centric study (January 2017)