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Chassis # 669079

Photos in this gallery are from abarthz.  Photographers some unknown, see individual images.

Jim Romano's Abarth 750GT Zagato is looking for a new home.

One Owner since 1964.

Car and numerous extra parts to be sold together.

Detailed history can be found at:

Please direct inquiries to:

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The story of Karl (Carlo) Abarth is a story of modification.  He lived by his motto: “Better, Faster every day”.  Those familiar with Abarth history know about the transformation of the lowly Fiat 500 into the 500 Abarth, the Fiat 850 into the potent OT-1000, the Fiat 600 into the snarly little 750 Abarth and more.  Modification and improvement were the keys to Il Scorpione’s fame and fortune.  It is with respect for this philosophy that chassis #669079 was reborn “Better and Faster” in the same spirit as Carlo Abarth would have imagined it. This DB is now a Scorpion for the 21st century.



Chassis # 669079 was commissioned in July of ‘59 and sent to MECAT for assembly.  Upon completion she was sent to Auto Koenig in Munich Germany for delivery to a doctor from upstate New York.  The original owner took delivery at the dealership and weeks later had the car shipped back to NY with him.  Within a year he traded in the car at a dealer in Syracuse NY where it was bought by a local engineer.  I acquired the car from him in ‘64 and proceeded with the restoration.  It still lives in Syracuse NY.   My wife refers to her as Her Majesty!


The original 750 MM engine was stolen during a rebuild and was eventually replaced with a more powerful, meticulously prepared, Abarth OT-1000 motor.   To enhance the Gran Touring experience, the short geared Fiat transaxle was replaced with a Hewland MK4 quick change unit and appropriate road gears were fitted.  No chassis modifications were necessary.  Power to the rear wheels is transferred through twin custom built Dual CV joint axles.  Yokohama high performance tires on 13” OT 1000 wheels keeps the car planted securely to the pavement.  Disk brakes on all four corners stop the car with ease.   And there is so much more including many of her original bits and pieces.


Always garaged and never driven in foul weather, the chassis and electrics are still in great shape.  When the professional face lift is completed in the Spring, the car will carry a stunning Bianco color enhanced by it’s Azzurro U.S. racing stripe which never fails to draw admiring attention. She shows well and has received many trophies at local and regional events.   More detailed information about DB #669079 can be found at  


Her Majesty is not a car for the purist who demands originality. She is one of a kind, original in her own right, but still pure Abarth!  Unmistakably she’s a 750 Zagato Double Bubble but mechanically original she is not.  True to Karl Abarth’s philosophy, she has been carefully reengineered and thoughtfully improved.  DB #669079 is an Abarth for the enthusiast who appreciates both beauty and improved performance.  She is a louder, faster, more comfortable, and very reliable GT road car that performs superbly and turns heads wherever she goes.  


Rather than a public auction, a private, confidential sale is preferred.   She will be available in the spring.  I’m putting this out ahead of time in case anyone on the forum might have an interest in becoming her next caretaker or knows of someone who might.  Offers north of $120K will be thoughtfully considered.  Phone number on request.


Email questions to


Thanks for looking,

Jim  (admin)


NOTE:  And NO, I am not the mrfiat that sells car parts in Atlanta ! 

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