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Ron Chappell's Old Car.....Do you know where it is?  

We recently received an email from Ron Chappell's grandson MacGregor inquiring any information about his grandfather's old car.  Ron restored this beauty.....and he sold it many years ago and its further history and whereabouts are not known.  It would mean a lot to Ron and MacGregor to know any further information about this car.


I have included some larger images that show some interestingly unique items for the car (rims, front badge with pin stripes, radio in the dash, and cris cross pattern on the fire wall.  The remainder of the images provided are in the gallery at the bottom.  


If anyone can provide the correct chassis number and current location I will personally mail you an T-Shirt. (see below for an image)  Just shoot us an email and let us know!!!



Win This Shirt!!!

These images are from the website that I used to print the shirts.  The shirt you can win is from my personal collection and has never been worn.  You will get a choice of color (gray, red, or blue)  You will not get a choice in size as all i have are size large.

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 7.44.48 PM cop
Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 7.45.20 PM cop
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