Apr 9

converting from leaf springs to coil-overs


Hi Abarth fans, I am currently restoring a 750gt in California. I'm considering both the original leaf spring front suspension, as well as converting to Abarth ***** lower A-arms with coil over integrated dampers. Does anyone have experience with this conversion? is it necessary to reinforce the upper damper anchor, since it will now bear the full weight of the car? any input would be appreciated, including first hand accounts of the effects of this conversion on handling.

thanks in advance, -kenny

abarth 750GT damper mount point


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  • There already was a pic of this car on the Mystery Machines page. Metal work is getting close to being done now. I have many more pics of the resto, if people are interested.
  • Please tell us a little about your Abarth 750 likes. Also anything about what you might be looking for on the site. I know many have signed up but have failed to tell us about yourself or your cars. I look forward to making the site all about the cars and the owners. Past and present. John 260452
  • Dear John and Mike - This is simply to congratulate you for this fantastic place! So cool that our Double Bubbles have found the place in the www they deserve! Keep on with this! Renald & Claudia from Switzerland with baby # 264'681.
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