Nov 26, 2018





I’m interested in your thoughts on tyres. I’m running Bridgestone 155/80/R12 at the moment, but they don’t seem to be a standard size. Is there any clarity on what the ‘factory recommendation’ was? And any suggestions on the best of the current road tyres?




Nov 28, 2018

Recently purchased 145/70R12 Michelin XZX from Coker Tire the price was 78.00 US each. I'm happy with

with ride and look. i will post some pictures.

Nov 29, 2018

Before on the right. Spare went a smaller size. Not sure if that was correct. Would love to hear from other posters.

Nov 29, 2018

Thanks John. I love the tread pattern on the XZX. Would be great to see them once mounted.

Nov 29, 2018

A thing of beauty!


Incidentally, I see yours has the aluminium frame around the window glass. Depending on who you talk to, this seems to be a feature of the ‘Corsa’ cars, as was the 8k tacho. Does yours have that as well? Mine has the original window glass but it has few chips at the top so I was thinking about putting on the frames To other protect and mask. Berni Motori doesn’t appear to stock them, so I assume I’d need to fabricate them, but do you know of any suppliers?

Nov 29, 2018

Wes not to hijack this thread you can look for more picture of this car in Image Section under 260452

Corsa debate will not be opened for awhile.

Is there any input on wheel size. My 750 has 13" wheels, and Pirelli tires. I have 12 wheels available. Opinions please.

May 19


The stock wheel size is 3.5" x 12" with the tire size being 5.2" x 12" as it came from the factory. I've put radial 145 R 12" Yokohama tires and noticed an improvement over the 5.5" Camac bias ply that came with the car. The 145mm works out to 5.71" so .5" wider than "stock". To show the car at Pebble I am getting 5.2" Camac bias from

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  • Hello members. I am a recent owner of a 1957 Abarth Double Bubble. John Cuny, who has been a great help, has given me some leads as far as sorting out issues and sourcing parts. My first mechanicle issue I am trying to sort is my non functioning vacuum timing advance. My tester indicated only 2 inches of vacuum at the carburetor. When manually creating vacuum at the timing advance it started movement at 4 inches of vacuum and complete rotation at 14 inches. Clearly I don't have enough vacuum. The gentleman, Jay Niederest, who rebuilt the engine is a bit confused as he used the original cam. He also suggested I find a spare manifold from a 600, drill a test hole and check the vacuum before the carburetor. If it checks out good, then the problem would be confined to the carburetor. Has anyone had similar issues with vacuum advance? Has anyone a lead on a used manifold? Would a 600 steel manifold fit the 32 mm Weber? The spacing on the carburetor to manifold mount is 60 mm center to center. So many questions and so little time before the snow flies here in new England! Jon Hoffnagle
  • The DB I got had everything removed and now I am at the point of installing the rear pop out side glass. Does anyone have a pic of the attachment and the pieces required . I may have all I need or may be missing something. Appreciate any pics or advice - Mike H.
  • Does anyone have the name for a great mechanic in southern California region? Would greatly appreciate the input.
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